Leaders in White Cement

SESCO Cement, a privately held company, is a leading provider of one of the most consistent and brightest white cement. While the corporate office is in the beautiful Galleria area, our production of cement is done at a 10-acre facility and storage warehouse in North Houston near Sheldon Lake and offices located in Florida and California. SESCO Cement not only services the Houston and Texas surrounding regions but also surrounding states such as, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arkansas.

The Group

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SESCO is backed by one of the largest global leaders in the materials and transportation industries. With combined revenues exceeding $2 billion USD and locations spanning from the Middle East to Europe (Poland, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt), the SESCO group owns a massive infrastructure of vessels, trucks, and plants, including a white cement plant established next to a 150-year limestone quarry in El Minya, Egypt. From its white cement plant, Royal El Minya Cement Co., SESCO performs all of its own mining, kiln operations, and quality testing to ensure that each bag of SESCO branded white cement is 100% our own pride and creation. Learn about the ingredients that make our product exquisite.